The Best Destination In Banyuwangi Area Indonesia East Java

The Best Destination In Banyuwangi Area East Java

The Best Destination In Banyuwangi area Indonesia east Java. Hi everybody, probably you heard many Times about Banyuwangi Indonesia East Java.

Banyuwangi is located in the edge of Indonesia East Java. Banyuwangi become tourist atraction because has so many beautiful things to see such as :

Ijen crater

The Best Destination In Banyuwangi Area

One of beautiful things in Banyuwangi is Ijen crater. Ijen is located in the western of Banyuwangi. Ijen is an active volcano. And also A lot of people goes there because the only one of volcano has the blue flame is Ijen. The way to goes there actually is not really difficult. Only needs one hour driving from Banyuwangi area.

The best time to see the blue flame actually in the dry season because the slipery road sometimes will disturb your journey.

Baluran National Park

The Best Destination In Banyuwangi Area

Bekol Savana is one of the Savana at Baluran that looks similar like in Afrika. many people visited this place because when you were there, you don’t need to spent a lot of money to go to Afrika because it’s already look similar. Baluran also has nice beach it called Bama beach. In Bama you can do a little snorkeling with so many kind of under sea animal which these animal will pamper your eyes to stay there a bit longger.

Sukamade Beach turtles

The Best Destination In Banyuwangi Area

One of the conversation area located in the Southern of Banyuwangi. In this place a lot of turtle comes everyday to liying egg. There are 4 kind of turtles who come but mostly is the green turtle. Turtle is protected animal because the population of turtle is getting less. Actually there are Many things why turtle become less because a lot of people hunted them, and also the predator attack them to eat.

That are the best Destination In Banyuwangi hope you will come soon



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