Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour package 3 days, Ijen Crater Tour From Surabaya, Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour From Surabaya

MountBromoIjen Crater Tour package 3 Days

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package 3 Days


Mount Bromo is one of an active volcano is located in Probolinggo. Bromo is still active until now. About 2.268 M above sea levels Or needs 3 Km to go up, Bromo can be easy to hike. 

Indonesia is a big island. we have thousand island and also about 526 leguages that we have. Also we have more than hundred an active volcanos and amoung which are different.

Ijen crater is the only one volcanos can produce more than thousand kilo gram of sulfur a day. Of course, A lot of people are visiting that mountain to see the beautiful things of Mount Ijen.

In Ijen crater you only see the blue flame during the night because after Sunrise the flame is gone. Ijen also is the most accidic lake in the world. So, for travelers who wants to swim to the lake please don’t do that because too dangerous.

In every mountain always has different things such as, sunrise, lake and everything. Indonesia actually is unique country, if you look at the culture of course Indonesia have so many. Here, we can learn how is important to know because culture is part of our lives.

Here we offer an Unforgettable experience to you to explore what Indonesian has. Culture is one of the important part for us to keep them because this is important thing to educate for everyone. And Also about the beautiful nature that we have. We want to invite you to see the spectacular things in Indonesia. Such us, Mount Bromo and Ijen during 3 days to explore both volcanos and learning about the culture for sure.

In this program that we offer to you. Actually we want to share some education and everything through by the cheapest transport and satisfying.  

3 days is relavan time to do this program. Because in 3 Days we can explore to the both mountain.


Intenary program

Day 1

Our stuff will pick you up at Surabaya airport, Surabaya train station or bus station. Then our stuff Will bring you the hotel that really close to mount Bromo. 


Day 2

Bromo tour

mount bromo ijen tour from bali

About 3 am in the early morning our stuff will bring you to sunrise point to see the sunrise. We have 4 sunrise point there are Penanjakan, kingkong, love hill and seruni. But the best place to see sunrise is kingkong hill. Because always not so many people who stay there.

After seeing the sunrise we continue to see the beautiful things of Mount Bromo. But before we go to Mount Bromo we passing the sea of sand of Mount Bromo. 

Go hikking after seeing the view of sea of sand. Needs 3 Km to go up to see the crater of Mount Bromo

After seeing the crater, back to the hotel for having breakfast and take a shower.

About 11.00 we continue to Banyuwangi city and need 6 hours driving. After 6 driving we arrive at hotel then take a rest

Day 3

Ijen tour

Bromo Ijen tour from malang area

Our stuff will pick you up at the hotel at 00.15am. we go to Paltuding area and we need 1 hour driving to paltuding area.

After driving for 1 our the guide will invite you to Mount Ijen to see the flame. Needs 3 Km 2 go up. So, it’s about 1 and half hour the journey to go to the top. When you arrive up there. We still have another 700 m to go down to see the flame and minner activities.

After seeing the flame and everything there the guide Will take you to sunrise point to see the sunrise at Mount Ijen. Sunrise exactly at 5.15 am in the morning.

Back to paltuding area after seeing the sunrise. Need 1 hour to paltuding area. After arriving at Paltuding area our stuff Will bring you to coffee plantation and rubber plantation. We will explore the rubber and explain everything about coffee and rubber to as gift education from us.

after that we continue to waterfall. Jaggir waterfall is a good place for relaxing specialy after climb mount Ijen. You can swim there or playing water with your partner at jaggir waterfall.

Back to the hotel for having breakfast after finish from waterfall.

Arround 12.00 pm we will take you to the harbour and finish.


Cost price 

Mount Bromo Ijen tour package 3 Days

Minimal 2 persons

Cost price 2 persons : 5.700.000,-IDR or 2.850.000,-IDR/person



Private Car 3 Days 2 Night

Jeep in Mount Bromo

Driver Can Speaks English

Local guide Ijen Crater

Entrance Fee Ticket For All Program

Tourch Light

Professional Gasmask

Accomodation Hotel Bromo Ijen

Mineral Water During The Program

Breakfast Including with The hotel

Ferry ticket If you cross to Bali

Jaggir waterfall

Coffee Plantation

Rubber Plantation



Lunch And Dinner

Personal Expence

Horse in Mount Bromo

Trolly In Mount Ijen


makes our clients happy is our priority. so, don’t hesitate if you have any question to ask because here, we are for you

We will be ready to answer every single question and we will manage your journey beeing cool.

for travelers who wants to go and try to get some experience with us, please you can contact us by Email : or you can contact us by WhatsApp :+6281331848036







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