Mount Bromo Ijen Tour from bali, Ijen Crater Tour package, Ijen Crater Tour From Surabaya

 Mount Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour is part of our program that we make for traveler who stay in Bali. To do this trip you need 3 days 2 night to finish it. Which the journey needs long journey to reach it. We are Ijen blue tour providing the transport and tour packages for Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen or it called blue fire for Mount Ijen. Mount Bromo Ijen tour Will be start from Bali everywhere, such as from Canggu, Denpasar, Ubud, Kuta, and also from Lovina and Singaraja. With the cheapest price you can create new experience with us. A lot of thing that Will give in this program.


Mount Bromo Ijen Tour from bali

Day 1

* Start from Bali at 10.00 am ( Bali time ) caused you need long journey about 4 – 5 hours driving to Gilimanuk harbour, but depend on where you are. Then needs 1 hour to takes Ferry to cross Bali strait

* About 18.00 am you will be at Ketapang harbour Banyuwangi. After word we will take you to the hotel and take a rest.


mount bromo ijen tour from bali

Day 2

Ijen Tour

* Our team will pick you up at the hotel where you stay, then our team takes you to the Mount Ijen. And needs 3 km away to do that ( 2 km for stiff away and 1 km for the flat part ) you Will be with a local guide to walk to the top.

* Seeing phenomenal of blue fire at Mount Ijen and seeing minner activities at the crater of Mount Ijen.

* Seeing sunrise, after seeing the flame our guide takes you to sunrise point. And you must know that we are the first one that see the sunrise at Java island. Because we are in the peak of Java island.

* Back to parking area with the guide after seeing the sunrise. Needs 1 hour to go back to parking area.

* When you arrive at parking area, we have program that we will take you to coffee plantation and rubber plantation. After that we continue to waterfall after plantation tours.

* Back to the hotel for having breakfast.

* After taking shower about 11.30 am our team back to the hotel to pick you up again to take you to Mount Bromo. Needs 6 hours to go to Probolinggo city or Bromo area.

* After 6 hours driving you will be at the hotel then you can take a rest to get some energy before going to Mount Bromo.


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Day 3

Mount Bromo tour


mount bromo ijen tour from bali

* Now little bit different because the tour Will be start at 03.00 am in the early morning. Goes to Mount Bromo we go with another vehicle, that’s the Jeep. Because the road looks really stiff we don’t be able to use ordinary car to go to sunrise point at Penanjakan or kingkong hills.

* Kingkong hills is the best way to see the sunrise because not so many people seeing the sunrise from kingkong hills. If you want to avoid the crowd people. Please takes kingkong hills as the best way to see sunrise.

* The sun goes up at 05.15 am. Seeing the sunrise at kingkong hills will pamper your eyes because you can see Mount Bromo too in that place.

* After seeing the sunrise, the guide will take you to the top of Mount Bromo. But before arriving to the top of Mountount Bromo you Will pass the sea of sand. And also you can stop there and get some picture.

* For hikking to the top you need 3 km away to go up there ( 1 km stiff and 2 km flat ) or you go on ridding but that’s excluded.

* When you are up there, you will see the beautiful things of Mount Bromo. After seeing the crater about 30 minutes staying up there we continue to the hotel for having breakfast.

*After taking breakfast we will take you to Surabaya or if you go back to Bali We’ll take you to Ketapang harbour again. We need 6 hours away to go to ketapang harbour from Bromo hotel and if we go to Surabaya we need 3 hours from Bromo hotel. Then the tour is finish.

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