Ijen Crater Tour From Canggu, IJEN CRATER TOUR FROM BALI

Ijen Crater Tour From Canggu

Ijen crater tour from cangguIjen crater tour from Canggu

Canggu is located in west Bali. Bali island is famous because Bali one of beautiful island that have A lot of things to see. A lot of unique cultures that still hidding. The differences culture that Bali has. Probably will pamper eyes for the travelers who wants to go there and see the beautiful things of Bali.

Bali is really close to Java island. Only needs 45 minutes by Ferry to cross Java island. With the simple time to go to Java island. Probably, will make travelers who interest to visit Java island.

Ijen is the most popular place to visit for travelers because Ijen has something unique that hasn’t by other volcanos. Ijen is located in the west side of Banyuwangi. About 1 hour driving from Banyuwangi city through the forest, coffee and rubber plantations it will be nice journey for travelers.

Blue fire is one of something beautiful by Ijen. Blue fire comes out only during the night. After sunrise you can’t see the Flames because the sun is too bright. Sulfur minner is the hard jobs. A lot of minner looking for the sulfur at mount Ijen. So many sulfur that they got from Ijen crater then they bring to company to sell.


In this program we make the travelers easier to find the easy way to go to Ijen crater. With the cheapest price and professional way.


Intenary program

Ijen crater tour

Ijen crater tour from canggu

Our stuff will pick you up from Canggu area, everywhere you are. Then the stuff will bring you to Gilimanuk harbour to take Ferry.

The distance that you need is about 2 until 3 hours driving to Gilimanuk harbour. When you arrive at Gilimanuk harbour. We continue to cross Bali strait by Ferry. You need 1 hour to Ketapang harbour Banyuwangi.


In Banyuwangi we will change the driver and take you to Paltuding area. Paltuding is the base point, where a lot of Cars stop there.

Start hikking at 2 am. The guide will bring you to the top of mount Ijen. Ijen is 2.386 m above sea levels. When you hike need 2 km stiff and 1 km flat.


About 3.30 am you will be up there and need 700 m to go down to see the beautiful things of Mount Ijen. That’s Blue fire.


The phenomenal of blue fire only 2 that can you see. In Ijen crater and Iceland. Seeing phenomenal of blue fire at Ijen crater is something great for everyone. And also you see the minner activities in the crater of Mount Ijen.


After seeing the flame the guide will bring you to the sunrise  point. Sunrise exactly at 5.15 am. At sunrise point you could see the another volcano, that’s Raung.


After seeing the sunrise back to Paltuding area. Needs 1 hour to paltuding area. Then after word we continue to see the plantations.


We will explain the coffee and rubber at plantation. Hope with education that we give, can be explained to the others when you go home.


After exploring coffee and rubber plantation we bring you to see waterfall. The name of waterfall is jaggir waterfall. There, you can swim or just play the water.


We continue to Banyuwangi city after explore the waterfall. Then we will take you to the harbour or train station and bus station. Whatever you want. And the tour is finish


For more information you can contact us :

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By email : ijenbluetour@gmail.com


Makes client happy is our priority. So, don’t hesitate if you have any question to ask. We will manage your journey beeing cool when you travel around specialy in Ijen crater.



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