Bromo Ijen Tour From Yogyakarta By Train

Bromo Ijen Tour From Yogyakarta By TrainBromo Ijen Tour From Yogyakarta By Train

Yogya is the most popular place to visit for everyone around the world. Yogya is located on central of Java. A lot of people comes to that place every year to loose their stress. Prambanan temple and also Borobudur are enough to completely their vacation. But you should know that Indonesia have a lot of things to see. Not only in Yogyakarta, Indonesia also has nice volcanoes in every island. Such as, Bromo and Ijen Crater.

Mount Bromo

Bromo Ijen Tour From Yogyakarta By Train

Bromo is an active volcano that’s still active until now. Bromo is located on Probolinggo area. The last erupted in 2015. Bromo becomes popular place in Indonesia because the only one Mountain of the best place to see Sunrise is Mount bromo. Bromo also have four nice places to see sunrise among them, there are Penanjakan, Kingkong Hill, Love Hill, and seruni village. Not only for that. Bromo also has the Sea of sand that completely your journey because in that place is really nice place for taking picture then you can climb to the top as well to explore around.

Ijen Crater

Bromo Ijen Tour From Yogyakarta By Train


Talking about Indonesia sometimes is never the end. Let’s go to the main point😁. Indonesia also has a nice volcano that you can only see in two places in the world to see the blue flame. Ijen is located on Banyuwangi city, so, if you start from Probolinggo you’ll spent time 6 hours driving to get there.

Ijen is an active volcano that has blue flame because of processing of sulfur burning. In that mountain you’ll see the activities of sulfur minner that will Pampers your eyes. Sulfur minner is the most hard job in the world with less money because their salary only 1.250 IDR for one kg. Not only there, In that mountain you’ll see the beautiful thing that you’ve never known before. The beautiful of the lake will make you comfort to stay longer overthere.

Bromo Ijen from Yogyakarta By Train is our program to help everyone who need. This program needs a long way at least you will spent 3 days 2 night to do this. 

Our program

  • Pick up service from Yogyakarta Train Station at Day 1
  • Goes to Probolinggo city ( needs 6 hours driving ) then stay at the Hotel around Bromo area
  • Goes to the Sunrise point at Mount Bromo at 03.00 am with our team in the day 2
  • Whatching the Sunrise at ( Penanjakan, Kingkong Hill, Love Hill, or Seruni village ) you just choose one 
  • Goes to the Sea of sand after seeing the Sunrise
  • Exploring Mount Bromo
  • Goes to Banyuwangi city after exploring Mount Bromo and will stay at hotel in Banyuwangi 
  • Goes to Paltuding area in the day 3
  • Start climbing with a local guide to Ijen Crater
  • Seeing phenomenal of Blue flame in the crater 
  • Watching the sunrise at Ijen Crater
  • Seeing the most accidic lake in the world
  • Exploring Coffee and Rubber Plantations
  • Back to the hotel for having breakfast and taking a shower
  • Drop off at Ketapang Harbour 

This program minimal for 2 people. We can manage for the small group to the big group as well.

For travelers who need more information don’t hesitate to ask because here we will help you. 

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