Blue fire tour East Java

Blue fire tour East Java

Departure from ketapang horbor/train station/hotel in banyuwangi



Blue fire tour East Java

ijen Blue fire tour & Ijen Blue Flames Tour

Ijen Blue fire tour
Ijen Blue Tour


Intenary program :

00.00 midnight is a good time to start at the hotel, bus station, train station and the harbour. Whatever, from where will you start. Our stuff will pick you up at the time. We continue by private car to Paltuding area needs 1 hour to go there.

About 01.00am start to hike to the volcano takes 3 km away to go there. About 2 km for stiff part and 1 km for flat part.

When you are there. Not only seeing the flame but you will see minner activities during the night. Sulfur Minner is a hard job. They carrying sulfur around 100 kg or sometimes they carrying more then 100 kg and they can do that Twice a day.

After seeing the blue fire and minner activities the stuff will invite you to sunrise point. Back to the top again after seeing the flame and take the same distance to the top.

Sunrise in Mount Ijen is one of the beautiful thing that you must to see. Sunrise exactly at 05.15 am.

After enjoying the sunrise we should go back to parking area and need 1 hour to go to parking area.

When we are in parking area, we continue to plantation we will see rubber and coffee. We go by private car and need 30 minutes to go there.

After spent couple time at coffee and rubber plantation we go to Waterfall.

After enjoying waterfall we continue to the hotel, train station, bus station or the harbour. Depend on you are.

For travelers who wants to go to Bali we will take you to Ketapang harbour for free after check out from the hotel.

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Blue Fire Tour East Java






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