Baluran National Park Tour


Baluran National Park Tour



Baluran National Park Tour or Savana Bekol is Forty Percent of The Park
consist of Savana Park.
Baluran National Park has a rich wildlife animals and Famous with Java African National Park.


Tour Schedule Baluran National Park Tour :



Pick Up at your Hotel in Banyuwangi area

Interesting To see :


arrive at Savana Bekol Baluran National Park





1) Jungle Track With Ranger from Savana Bekol to Bama Beach
Observation tower on Hill and some waterholes where animals easily can be seen.
Other Common sightings are Leaf Monkey, Monitor Lizard, Squirrels , Fruit Bats
Also Green Jungle Fowl and Red Jungle Fowl.



2) Javanese Wild Ox (Banteng ), Rusa Deer, Barking Deer
Feral Water Buffalo, Javan Leopard or Black Panther


3) Mangrove Beach , Snorkeling with coral reefs
at Bama Beach Baluran




Take you Back at Your Hotel in Banyuwangi area

Baluran National Park TourBaluran National Park Tour



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